Yer a Wizard Collection! $37

Yer a Wizard Collection

Magical treats for most heroic of adventurers!

Full Box: $37 Half Box: $22

Those are the very words you’ve been longing to hear!

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2 Sorting Bombs: You may have taken a test, but have you been sorted by this magical white chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla sorting bomb. No questions needed… just add hot milk and poof! You’ll find out if you’re a badger, lion, serpent, or eagle reveal sorting bombs, a butterscotch/Vanilla bomb

Sorting Bombs!

3 Cakesicles (Vanilla/Butterscotch flavor and Black Forest), a peanut butter Snowy Owl, Black Forest Cakesicles one adorned with the fantastical beast, the Dragon! The other is inspired by an enchanted mirror… you know the one!

Peanut Butter Snowy Owl
Molten Cauldron!

1 Molten Cauldron: As if by magic butterscotch oozes out of the this milk chocolate cauldron filled with vanilla bean and butterscotch cakesicle!!! Omg yum. Every house will enjoy this concoction! (And I’ve gained five pounds testing it out!)

2 Peanut Butter snitches: catching this one with your mouth will be a lot tastier than the real thing.

Gotta catch em all!

2 Runes in faux whip: cast some spells with these yummy runes… or eat them… either works.

1/2 box Available for $22

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Delivery to Universal: $9-12 depending on the delivery day.

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